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Ask the Experts: More Window Cleaning Tips

The Window Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Clean your WindowsMichelle L. from Mount Vernon asks: When I was a little girl, both my Grandma and my Mother told me that the best way to get our windows clean was with white vinegar, a splash of ammonia, and newsprint. So, that’s what I’ve always done, but it seems to take forever, and my windows don’t stay clean for long! I’ve noticed that you don’t mention that method on your website…why not?

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Ask the Experts: Cleaning Windows

The Window Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Window Cleaning SolutionsBill C. from Whidbey Island asks: I’m lucky enough to own a vacation home near Swantown on Whidbey Island and have noticed that the windows on the west side of the house get a lot dirtier than all the other ones, though they don’t seem to be more exposed to the elements. Any idea why? Should I just hose them down a bit more frequently?
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Don’t Let your Pressure Washer Destroy your Property!

Pressure Washer Use

There are few chores out there more satisfying than blasting dirt and grime away with a single sweep of a wand. In fact, it kind of makes you feel like a superhero (“Captain Clean” anyone??). But the tool that makes it happen, the Pressure Washer, can also make you into a Super Villain (destroyer of all you touch) if it’s used incorrectly. And sadly, it’s all too easy to misuse one of these machines.

Before you attach the hose to your pressure washer, check out our list of Pressure Washing Don’ts.
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Before and After Window Cleaning

5 Reasons Why Clean Windows Are Good For Business

Like every other aspect of your business, dirty or unkempt areas have a negative impact. The key is cleanliness—and for a few good reasons.

#1 – Customer Perception

If your business has foot traffic, you better believe your visitors are noticing those windows. And it matters most if you own a food establishment, where sanitation matters, or any sort of business where you depend on natural lighting or window views to have a positive impact. Continue reading

Window Cleaning Services: Whidbey, Oak Harbor, Skagit Valley

Window cleaning requires know how, precision, and calm nerves. After all, when working from a roof or atop a ladder to remove grime, dust, and dirt, you can easily be one poor decision away from a fall. While the art of cleaning windows has been around for centuries, in our post-industrial society we’ve learned to utilize techniques and equipment which emphasize safety and security.

No structure can thrive without window cleaners—and no community can function without tidying up. Window panes can gather dirt, dust, and debris from the wind or other sources. Even large, high-rise buildings, such as those found in Seattle and other large cities in the Pacific Northwest have to deal with these issues.
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