Before and After Window Cleaning

5 Reasons Why Clean Windows Are Good For Business

Like every other aspect of your business, dirty or unkempt areas have a negative impact. The key is cleanliness—and for a few good reasons.

#1 – Customer Perception

If your business has foot traffic, you better believe your visitors are noticing those windows. And it matters most if you own a food establishment, where sanitation matters, or any sort of business where you depend on natural lighting or window views to have a positive impact.

Basically, any daytime business owner should make an effort to keep their storefronts clean, and that includes the windows.

#2 – Long-term Costs

It’s always easier to procrastinate on having windows cleaned, but did you know there are risks for more serious damage?

If left uncleaned, the window tracks may become clogged with debris and filth, which can cause the window to not open or close properly. In some businesses, that means poor air circulation in the summer heat, or even damage from moisture that finds its way in between the moving parts.

#3 – Mold Prevention

Depending on how long you wait to have your windows clean, combined with the effects of the season, your windows can become moldy—both inside and out.

Not only is it unsightly and a sign of further potential damage, but it’s also a health risk, and would have an impact on any business that serves food, offers lodging, or provides health care services.

But, at the end of the day, does anyone want mold or mildew on their windows or frames? Of course not—so keep them clean, and check frequently if there seems to be bigger issues with your windows.

#4 – Choosing Cleaners

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing cleaning products. But not many people know that some cleaning products can be harmful to your windows and frames.

Depending on the type of window, your cleaner could be reducing the window’s lifespan drastically. Plexiglas, fiberglass, plastic, and glass all require unique care, so do some research before you begin rubbing chemicals on your last line of defense from the elements.

#5 – Let It Shine

Clean windows let in more sunlight, which helps brighten up the place. Natural lighting is extremely flattering for any sort of visual products, like clothing displays, art pieces, or any products with colors and visual accents.

It also makes your business seem less dim, which can mean reduced costs for lighting. In general, businesses with more natural light are attractive and lively for customers. Plus, it can affect employee performance as well.

If you have any questions about window cleaning services, or you’d like to inquire about a price for scheduled window cleaning, we’d be happy to provide more information on window upkeep, or any other cleaning topic.