Window Cleaning Services: Whidbey, Oak Harbor, Skagit Valley

Window cleaning requires know how, precision, and calm nerves. After all, when working from a roof or atop a ladder to remove grime, dust, and dirt, you can easily be one poor decision away from a fall. While the art of cleaning windows has been around for centuries, in our post-industrial society we’ve learned to utilize techniques and equipment which emphasize safety and security.

No structure can thrive without window cleaners—and no community can function without tidying up. Window panes can gather dirt, dust, and debris from the wind or other sources. Even large, high-rise buildings, such as those found in Seattle and other large cities in the Pacific Northwest have to deal with these issues.

Rural areas around the region also need window cleaners, even with the lack of high-rise infrastructure. Skagit Valley, known for its tulip fields, is no exception. Those fields provide dirt and dust which gets carried on the wind to nearby structures. The Skagit Valley Hospital features glass pane windows, as does the Best Western Plus and the Skagit Valley Casino and Resort. Although more complex based on their size, at the core the cleaning methods for these buildings are the same as for your home.

On Whidbey Island, the downtown areas of Oak Harbor and Coupeville consist of numerous establishments that cater to townsfolk and tourists alike. Whidbey Island is a laid-back place that requires window cleaning services to keep its alluring charm intact. In all communities, window cleaning is in demand.

Here are a few interesting things to know about window cleaning:

  • Window cleaning is an ongoing process.

As you may be able to imagine, a single skyscraper or other major structure could require tens of people working each month to maintain clean windows. Most residential homes, on the other hand, can be completed in as few as one or two visits, depending on their size. Consider how long it would take to tidy up the windows of the Seattle Space Needle, not to mention the rope work and repelling acrobatics necessary.

  • Not cleaning your windows can damage the glass over time.

While keeping the aesthetics of the window is imperative, dust and dirt sticking to your windows can cause degradation of glass panes over time. They can turn brittle and may lose their shatter resistances as they decay. Although some buildings and window types in the US are immune to this type of degradation, they aren’t immune to the unpleasant look that restricts natural heat and light.

  • Window cleaning involves ladders, and sometimes scaffolding and rope-based repelling.

For some people, the idea of using ladders is a terrifying thought. Not to mention walking around on a sloped roof to access those harder-to-reach windows. For large structures, working from a rope-suspended, roof-based scaffold may be required. Taking this to the next level, are individual repelling window washers, as may be necessary when cleaning the windows of some custom architecture, such as large churches with steeple windows.

Window Cleaning in Skagit Valley, Whidbey Island, and Oak Harbor

While the Pacific Northwest is commonly associated with Seattle and its tall buildings, the thriving communities around it make up the majority of the state’s population. The tulip fields of Skagit Valley and the natural landscape of Whidbey Island both create an air of fascination, along with all the structures built—all which require window cleaners.

Using a ladder is our tried and true approach for residential window cleaning. While some commercial structures may require other approaches, they are largely outliers in this industry.

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