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Ask the Expert – Roof Woes

The Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Bird on RoofJason B. from Skagit County asks: When I was raking all that snow off my roof a few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of white spots on my asphalt shingles. Upon closer inspection, I realized that those spots were bird droppings. I’m guessing that I should do something to clean the shingles, but I’m not sure what method would work best. What do you think? Should I pull out the pressure washer as soon as it’s warm enough? Or just let my roof stay as it is?

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Don’t Let your Pressure Washer Destroy your Property!

Pressure Washer Use

There are few chores out there more satisfying than blasting dirt and grime away with a single sweep of a wand. In fact, it kind of makes you feel like a superhero (“Captain Clean” anyone??). But the tool that makes it happen, the Pressure Washer, can also make you into a Super Villain (destroyer of all you touch) if it’s used incorrectly. And sadly, it’s all too easy to misuse one of these machines.

Before you attach the hose to your pressure washer, check out our list of Pressure Washing Don’ts.
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