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Scott from WA asks: After our beautiful autumn wedding, my new bride and I spent our fantasticDried Egg on Stucco honeymoon in Hawaii – only to come home to a royal mess. It seems like some of the neighborhood hooligans weren’t too happy that we weren’t there to offer them treats on Halloween and they egged our house! Unfortunately the eggs had time to dry — and I’m really not sure what the best way is to remove the stains without damaging the stucco. Do you have any tips you could share with me?

A Clean Streak, The Window Cleaning Experts answer:  Hi Scott. Congratulations to you and your new wife! We’re sorry to read that the beginning of your married life together requires you deal with the aftermath of this kind of vandalism, and we hope you’ve reported the damage to your insurer and the police. Dried-on egg can be difficult to remove from stucco – but luckily, with these tips, it’s not impossible.

First, gather your materials. For this job you’ll need:

  • Non-bleach, eco-friendly laundry detergent
  • A cup of powered silica or talc (check your local hardware or home improvement store if you don’t have any on-hand)
  • A trowel (optional)
  • Plastic wrap and painter’s tape
  • A mixing bucket and mixing spoon or stick
  • A ladder or step stool (if the stains are higher than you can reach)
  • Gloves and eye protection
  • A pressure washer (preferable) or hose with spray nozzle

Stucco cleaning solutionNext, if necessary, set up your ladder or step stool under the areas you need to clean. Don your gloves, and mix about a cup of laundry detergent with the silica or talc until it’s the consistency of a paste or poultice in your bucket. Using the trowel (or your gloved hands), apply the paste to the stains. Tape the plastic wrap over the stain, and leave it for about an hour. By the way, it’s best to do this job on a cloudy day, as direct sunshine can “cook” the poultice, and rain will wash it off!

After about an hour, remove the plastic wrap, and if you have a pressure washer, set it at medium (about 2,000 – 3,000 psi) and aim it at a 45 degree angle at the paste, spraying from bottom to top. We’ve found that a hose with a spray nozzle MAY work – but it really depends on the water pressure coming from the spigot.

Thanks for contacting us Scott. We hope you can use our tips to get your house egg-free soon (the longer the egg sets the more difficult the job can be), but if this project sounds a bit overwhelming, we invite you to give us a call today at 360-395-5748 for a fee project estimate. At A Clean Streak, we clean more than just windows…we’re your go-to company for pressure washing, deck and roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning too!

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