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Purchasng a Pressure WasherKay B. from Island County asks: Now that summer has finally arrived, I realized I have some major clean-up projects that need doing – everything from deck washing, to driveway cleaning, to cleaning my home’s siding (and maybe even the roof). I’m thinking of buying a pressure washer to help speed up all those tasks, but there are so many options out there. Trying to decide between a gas or electric powered washer…psi…gpm…it’s all making my head spin!
Do you have any advice on the best pressure washer for me?

A Clean Streak, The Window Cleaning Experts answer:  Hi Kay. You’re absolutely correct that a pressure washer could reduce the time (and elbow grease) you’ll spend on those clean-up projects! While we won’t endorse a particular brand here, we suggest you consider the following criteria so that you can choose the right machine for your needs.

  • Approximately how many square feet will need cleaning? For larger projects, a gas powered pressure washer seems to be much more convenient. Since gas powered models deliver water at a higher pressure, you can set the hose nozzle to a wider angle than you could with a lower-powered electric model, thus cleaning more space with each spray. Also, gas powered models are more mobile — you won’t be limited by cord length and/or hose length.
  • Purchasing a Pressure WasherIs noise an issue? Though gas powered pressure washers are definitely convenient, they are much noisier – they also emit exhaust (which may or may not be important to you).
  • Are you “mechanically inclined”? A gas powered pressure washer does require the occasional tune-up. And since gas powered machines shouldn’t be stored indoors, you’ll need to put antifreeze into the pump each winter to ensure it will still be operational when you take it out of your outdoor storage garage or shed the following spring.
  • What’s your budget? You can plan to spend $100 to $200 on an electric powered pressure washer, but a quality gas powered pressure washer will cost between $250 and $500. By the way, the best way to compare the cleaning power of different models is to multiply the psi (pounds per square inch of pressure) by the gpm (gallons of water per minute)…higher numbers = stronger cleaning power.

Regardless of which machine you choose, be sure to read the directions carefully before you begin a project. If operated carelessly, pressure washers can be dangerous (click here to read our tips for safe pressure washer operation).

Thanks for your question Kay. We hope the information above will help you with your decision. And if the expense  — not to mention the hassle of storing and maintaining — your own machine seems a bit overwhelming, we invite you to give the professionals at A Clean Streak a call. We’ve got the know-how and the equipment to complete ALL of your pressure washing projects!

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