Keep your Roof Fuzz-Free and Happy

Clean your Roof

Have you noticed the latest phenomenon happening on top of the houses in your neighborhood?  Yep… the combo of cool rainy days followed by a moment of sunshine, followed by yet more rain, has created the perfect conditions for THE DREADED FUZZY ROOF GROWTH!

Mosses, algae, and lichens (which are simply a symbiotic combo of fungus and algae) need just two things to start their colonies: water—which we certainly have in abundance here in the Pacific Northwest—and a glimpse of sunshine to charge up their chlorophyll power-plants. These two factors allow the organisms to feed themselves and thrive.

And though the tell-tale green, black, or yellow growth can add a “natural touch” to your home’s over-all look, it isn’t a look you want to cultivate. All three of these organisms can destroy your roof! Not only do the anchoring root systems of mosses and lichen wreak havoc with all types of roof surfaces, they also retain moisture which is problematic.

But cleaning your roof properly can be a slippery, dangerous, and even destructive job. High-power pressure washers and foot traffic can also damage your roof.

So what’s a homeowner to do?

Contact the experienced professionals at A Clean Streak to get the job done right. WeA Clean Roof have the know-how and the tools to rid your roof of these destructive organisms…and we’re so sure our eco-friendly chemical wash will keep your roof clean for two years, we guarantee it!

For a fuzz-free roof, call A Clean Streak today at (360)395-5748. Your home will be happy you did!