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Ask the Experts – Hiring a Registered Contractor

The Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Hire a Registered ContractorAmanda B. from Oak Harbor asks: I have a two story home with lots of big picture windows on the first floor, and several 4 pane windows installed in the second floor bedrooms. Last weekend, I was approached by a nice young couple claiming to be contractors who offered window and gutter cleaning services for a reduced price if I “signed today”. I told them I had to think about it, and asked them for their business card. The card did list their names, but I couldn’t find any other information on them – like a WA Contractor license number. In your opinion, is it necessary to hire a Contractor registered with the state for window or gutter cleaning?

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Ask the Experts: Gutter Cleaning Tips

The Window and Gutter Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Barb G. from Burlington asks:  This past May, my husband Ed and I took ownership of a beautiful old home surrounded by maple trees. We love the trees, but we know that with the cooler temperatures, these trees are going to start dropping their leaves – and our roof and gutters are in the direct line of fire. Ed is sure he can get rid of the debris with a leaf blower…what do you recommend?

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