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Ask the Experts – Getting Sap off Windows

The Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Get Rid of Sap on WindowsAndy W. from Skagit County asks: We have a beautiful one-story summer cabin surrounded by trees. I’m not sure if it was due to our hot spring weather this year, or if our trees are just getting older, but the past couple of weeks those darned trees seem to be dripping sap onto our windows at a rate we’ve never seen before! My wife and I tried washing the sap off with soap and water…but that just seemed to spread the sap around. My brother-in-law recommended we get out there with a razor and scrape it all off. We tried that, but there are too many windows and not enough time…and we really don’t want to risk cutting ourselves or scratching the glass! Do you have any tricks you could share to get rid of the sap safely and easily?

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