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Ask the Experts – Cleaning Stained Glass

The Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Retro Stained Glass DoorErich M. from WA asks: My family and I have a wonderful little home on Whidbey Island that includes a retro style front door. I call it “retro’ because there’s a pie-shaped stained-glass panel inset at the top of our east facing door. We’ve always loved how it “glows” with the morning light – especially during the summertime –  but recently, we’ve noticed that the outside of the pane has some spotting, and the metal framework used between the individual pieces of glass looks really dull. We’d like to give it a thorough cleaning, but we’re concerned we’ll damage it. Do you have any professional tips you could share with us on how to clean stained glass?

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