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The Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Burt L. from Whidbey Island asks: I came across your blog the other day when I was looking Windshield Cleaning Solutionfor some tips on getting my deck ready for winter, and I thought you may have an answer to my “toughest cleaning question”.  Since you specialize in window cleaning, do you have any tips on how to get the inside windshield of my car clean? I’ve tried using glass cleaner, but it’s still streaky, and I can’t get the bottom couple of inches (where it meets the dash) clean at all.

A Clean Streak, The Window Cleaning Experts answer:  Hi Burt. Keeping the insides of car and truck windshields streak-free is more than just a “tough cleaning question”…it’s a safety issue, and we’re happy to provide a solution to your problem.

But before we start cleaning, it’s important to know what causes that windshield film. Most of the oily residue you’re trying to get rid of is caused by off-gassing from the plastic and vinyl materials used in dashboard assembly. When the sun warms those areas, oils come to the surface and evaporate, landing on your inner windshield. If you use any dashboard protectants, and/or smoke inside of your vehicle, those substances end up on the inside of your windows too.

Simple Windshield Cleaning Supplies

Simple Windshield Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your windshield is a 3-step process.

  • First, grab a new dry micro-fiber towel (paper-towels are a little less effective), and working in sections, use circular motions to wipe the entire inside of the windshield from top to bottom. We’ve found that the easiest way to reach the area where the glass meets the dash is to use the “backhand” method. Kneel on the front seat facing the back, and reach with the cloth behind you. Be sure your cloth doesn’t touch the dash while you’re doing this, or you may end up transferring more of the dashboard oils onto the glass.
  • Next, dip a “Magic Sponge” in warm water and wring it out so it still feels slightly damp to the touch. Working in sections, use those circular motions to wipe the inside of the entire windshield again, re-wetting the sponge as necessary. If you don’t have a “Magic Sponge”, you can pour some rubbing alcohol on another clean microfiber cloth and use it to do the wipe-down, but it’s slightly less effective. Be sure you wipe up any drips that land on your dashboard immediately to prevent discoloration.
  • Finally spray some window cleaner on another new microfiber cloth, and –  you guessed it – working in sections, wipe the entire windshield down with circular motions. But this time, follow that up with vertical wipes from top to bottom.

That’s all it takes! Thanks for your question Burt. We know that keeping your windows sparkling, no matter whether they’re on your vehicle, your house, or even your business, is important. The professionals at A Clean Streak provide the know-how and the manpower to get the job done the right way! Call us at 360-395-5748 for a free project estimate today.

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