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Get Rid of Sap on WindowsAndy W. from Skagit County asks: We have a beautiful one-story summer cabin surrounded by trees. I’m not sure if it was due to our hot spring weather this year, or if our trees are just getting older, but the past couple of weeks those darned trees seem to be dripping sap onto our windows at a rate we’ve never seen before! My wife and I tried washing the sap off with soap and water…but that just seemed to spread the sap around. My brother-in-law recommended we get out there with a razor and scrape it all off. We tried that, but there are too many windows and not enough time…and we really don’t want to risk cutting ourselves or scratching the glass! Do you have any tricks you could share to get rid of the sap safely and easily?

A Clean Streak, The Window Cleaning Experts answer:  Hi Andy.  From the looks of the photo you sent us, you have quite the sticky problem! While your brother-in-law may be on to something with his razor blade idea, we agree with you that using a small blade over a large area is time consuming and potentially dangerous.

But you don’t have to give up on clear windows. With just a couple of common household supplies and a bit of elbow grease you’ll be enjoying the sunshine in no time.

First, gather your materials. For this job, you’ll need:Remove sap from windows

  • A roll of paper towels (or several clean lint-free microfiber cloths)
  • Mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol (the highest concentration you can find)
  • A roll or two of painter’s tape (optional)
  • A bucket of warm soapy water and sponge
  • A squeegee

If you’re concerned about harming the paint on your window frames, first, wipe off any debris from the frames, and tape them off with the painter’s tape.

Then, saturate your paper towels or micro-fiber cloth with rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits. If your frames are painted with an oil-based paint, choose rubbing alcohol as your solvent. If your paint is latex-based, choose mineral spirits. By the way, acetone, and even commercial products like “Goo-Gone” can be used to dissolve sap, but for all of our projects we always prefer to use the most environmentally-friendly and least harsh chemicals we can.

Wipe the solvent-saturated towel on the sappy areas. Most of the sap will come off with a single wipe…but you may have to re-saturate your towels with your solvent and wipe more than once to clean stubborn areas.

Once the sap has dissolved, sponge your windows with soapy water to remove any remaining solvent and finish the job with your squeegee (if you’ve used rubbing alcohol as your solvent, you may be able to skip this step completely).

Thanks for your question, Andy. We hope you we’ve given you the tips you need to win that sap battle with your trees! But if this project still sounds daunting, we invite you to give the experts at A Clean Streak a call. We have the know-how and the man-power to help you with all of your window-cleaning needs.

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