Ask the Experts: More Window Cleaning Tips

The Window Cleaning Experts at  A Clean Streak answer your toughest cleaning questions.

Clean your WindowsMichelle L. from Mount Vernon asks: When I was a little girl, both my Grandma and my Mother told me that the best way to get our windows clean was with white vinegar, a splash of ammonia, and newsprint. So, that’s what I’ve always done, but it seems to take forever, and my windows don’t stay clean for long! I’ve noticed that you don’t mention that method on your website…why not?

A Clean Streak, The Window Cleaning Experts answer:  Hi Michelle. We remember the old newspaper and homemade-cleaning-solution method too…but there are a couple of reasons we use different tools.

Use the Correct Cleaning SolutionsFirst and foremost, mixing ammonia and vinegar together results in a very ineffective cleaner. While this combo may smell like something a professional would use, vinegar is an acid, and ammonia is basic, so combining the two results in a neutral solution which really doesn’t do the job. You may as well just be spraying plain water on your windows.

Secondly, it takes A LOT of elbow grease to rub moist dirt away with wadded up newspapers. While we don’t mind working hard (we do that every day), we’d rather work “smart”!

Finally, when you’re spraying and rubbing, and spraying and rubbing some more, you’re basically just redistributing the dirt in thinner layers all across your windows. And as you’ve noticed, even if you’re eventually successful in removing the grime, the dirt returns quickly, because all of that rubbing puts a static charge on the glass which actually ATTRACTS dust and dirt.

At A Clean Streak, we use a combination of eco-friendly detergents to loosen and lubricate grimy particles, and low pressure sprayers to rinse them away. We’ll finish the process with a squeegee to pull the clean water down and off your windows leaving them streak free and sparkling. We’re so sure you’ll love the results that we GUARANTEE it!

Thanks for your question Michelle — we hope we’ve saved you and our other readers from a lot of frustrating work. If you’d like some help with your window cleaning project, we invite you to give us a call. We can come to your house and provide a FREE estimate for our very affordable Window Washing Services.

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