Don’t Let your Pressure Washer Destroy your Property!

Pressure Washer Use

There are few chores out there more satisfying than blasting dirt and grime away with a single sweep of a wand. In fact, it kind of makes you feel like a superhero (“Captain Clean” anyone??). But the tool that makes it happen, the Pressure Washer, can also make you into a Super Villain (destroyer of all you touch) if it’s used incorrectly. And sadly, it’s all too easy to misuse one of these machines.

Before you attach the hose to your pressure washer, check out our list of Pressure Washing Don’ts.

  • Don’t test the power of your Pressure Washer on anything alive—we’re talking about thumbs, hands, or even the lawn—you’ll definitely cause some damage!
  • Don’t bring the nozzle closer than a foot or so away from whatever you’re cleaning. It’ll be tempting to try a close-up approach on that stubborn dirt, but do it, and you risk destruction of your property. Not to mention having to deal with that wet, disgusting blow-back.
  • Don’t use the same nozzle tip for every job—the nozzle that works best to remove stains from your driveway will strip the paint right off your siding!
  • Don’t pressure wash your windows unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, or you’ll risk irreparably damaging the seals.
  • Don’t pressure wash from an unsecured ladder. The water jet is powerful enough to knock you off balance (especially when first turned on), and you’ll need both hands just to control the wand. If you have hard to reach places up high, the safest bet is to use an adjustable extension wand.

If reading that list makes you leery of using a pressure washer don’t despair—you can still be a Super Hero of Clean by calling the Grime Fighters at A Clean Sweep. We’ll take care of these dirty and dangerous jobs for you. We have the right tools to remove the dirt…and we know how to use them!

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